About DataMammoth


Where do we get it, how is it verified, and how accurate is it?


Overview of our process

DataMammoth is successful in no small part due to the high quality of our data. We’ve built this company from the ground up on modern technologies with data quality as the cornerstone.

  • We’ve established partnerships with dozens of verified data providers – and our data acquisition team is constantly evaluating and adding new ones.
  • DataMammoth has an engineering team with experience in large scale data gathering. We’ve leveraged this experience to build out a best in class data backbone which constantly adds to and updates our universe of contacts.
  • All our data goes through advanced standardization algorithms. For example all variations of spelling and abbreviations, as well as Soundex and full fuzzy logic are employed to appropriately segment leads.
  • Intelligent deduplication – our platform sifts through close to 1 billion data points quarterly to ensure unique leads.
  • Verification against multiple 3rd party services, APIs, federal records, as well as statistically significant human email and phone verification.
  • Proprietary verification methods, including additional human verification in addition to constantly evolving machine learning algorithms.

Additional Resources

The vast majority of users who use our platform find the data quality high enough to become repeat customers. Here are some more things you can do to gain confidence in DataMammoth:

As social proof, thousands of companies of all sizes use DataMammoth. We hope this helps and as always feel free to contact us at support@datamammoth.com!

– DataMammoth Support